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Interested in Online Middle School, Online High School, or a Homeschool Curriculum? Enroll in our Full-time Online School for Grades 6 – 12. Over 300 online middle school and online high school courses. We have the MOST online electives for Middle School & High School. See Course Catalog.

Honors and AP

Our Online High School, Online Middle School, and Homeschool Curriculum offers Honors and AP courses for all students. We encourage students to strive for greatness. Dual credit is also available.

Credit Recovery

Our Individual Course Program allows students to make up credits within 6 – 8 weeks and graduate on time. Students can enroll for up to 2 online middle school or online high school courses at a time.

Summer School

Summer School for Grades 6 – 12 is open to all students who want to make up credits or accelerate their learning by taking courses online during the Summer.

The philosophy of American High School is to provide every high school student with an accredited, structured, personalized education. The school is fully accredited by leading agencies such as AdvancEd and SACS. AdvancED is the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

At American High School, blended learning combines the best parts of online and in-person education. Our students attend some courses in person with other students. They participate in other courses online led by certified virtual teachers, a perk not found in other blended learning schools. Small on-site classes let tutors provide targeted, personal attention and support, while virtual classes give students variety and help them learn the material at a pace that’s best for them. It all comes together in an open space that promotes positive interaction with peers while bringing out the best in every student every day.

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Blended Learning
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This school is perfect for my son. He has improved dramatically not only in his studies but in his overall health as well. He is more outgoing, likes to do his class work, and is more motivated to do his class work. This school is the best of the best.

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent. I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring.

American High School is fully Accredited

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