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Customized Learning

Students learn best when lessons match their interests and abilities. At American High School, each student receives individualized instruction, with full-time programs adjusted for long-term academic success and individual courses offered for specific needs.

Individualized Instruction for Each Student

At American High School, the focus is always on the student as certified teachers adapt instruction to adjust for differences in learning styles and abilities. Integrating interactive media, award-winning curriculum, and the latest learning tools, our teachers develop customized lessons that inspire students to achieve their highest potential.

Whether enrolled full-time or part-time, students will find a range of courses adaptable to or designed for individual needs, including:

  • Gifted and talented courses for grades 3–8.
  • Honors and AP courses for high school students.
  • Core reading, math, and science courses.
  • More than 100 electives and special interest courses from foreign languages to digital photography.

A Comprehensive Plan for Full-Time Students

In addition to the customized instruction received by all American High School students, full-time students benefit from our Personalized Performance Learning approach. In this dynamic, ongoing process, we develop a comprehensive plan for helping each student reach their potential based on individual strengths and needs. Then we adjust that plan throughout the year to make sure the student is engaged, challenged, and moving forward. For high school students, we extend that planning process into the college and career years with career and college counseling and our College Acceleration Programs.