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American High School offers hundreds of teacher-led, student-focused courses for individual purchase. Our courses feature support from a certified teacher trained in online instruction. Combined with offline work, teachers deliver Audio / Video Collaboration in real-time and recorded for later review. Furthermore, the curriculum is designed by subject matter experts that includes best-of-class online texts and course materials.

Who Enrolls in Individual Course Subject Solutions?

With hundreds of courses covering a range of K–12 subjects, individual American High School courses are ideal for all kinds of students. Whether you’re looking for advanced STEM or foreign language courses that are unavailable locally, or need to gain additional credits to get back on track, our part-time program has options for everyone. Home school families can supplement their instruction with our individual courses, and advanced learners can accelerate their learning with Gifted and Talented, Honors, and AP® courses. Student athletes, too, can benefit from American High School’s individual courses through NCAA approved courses!

How it Works . . .

To maximize student success and convenience, International Connections Academy’s individual courses are open for enrollment on a rolling basis. Enroll anytime during the school year with these simple steps:

  • Select a course from our online list of courses.
  • Submit the transfer request form to your local school or district for approval.
  • Enroll through our school store or by calling our enrollment team at +1-000-000-0000.
  • Meet online with an American High School certified teacher to assess proficiency in the subject, starting point in the coursework, and an action plan for course completion.
  • Begin class!