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Connecting Students—Creating a Community

American High School is all about making connections—not just to academics, but to other students and families. Because other students are an important part of the experience at American High School, your family becomes part of a dynamic learning community where students:

  • Interact with teachers and classmates in real-time, online classrooms.
  • Receive one-on-one support from caring teachers via telephone, email, and online chats.
  • Share their interests with other American High School students across the country through secure message boards, class projects, and dozens of clubs and activities.*

Making Time for Friends, Family, and Local Communities

Our students say International Connections Academy’s flexible online environment gives them more time to engage with the people, communities, and activities they love: from volunteer work, to part-time jobs, to sports, to spending more time with friends and family. And connecting with students from across the country and world, they broaden their understanding of the way people in other parts of the country live, learn, and play.

*While part-time students are not eligible to participate in American High School clubs, they enjoy all other benefits that go into making a vibrant learning community.

Supporting Learning Coaches

Throughout the school year, our secure message boards, WebMail, and phone lines are buzzing as Learning Coaches share at-home learning tips and resources or just stay “in the loop” with school activities. As a vital part of the Connections Academy community, our families connect with teachers, school counselors, and other parents online through:

  • Secure Message Boards where parents can post questions, tips, and resources on helping students succeed.
  • Our Connections Academy Blog, Virtual Learning Connections, where Learning Coaches find tips and information on a variety of topics for busy virtual schooling families.