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American High School is designed to help students with diverse abilities and backgrounds thrive. Our individualized instructional approach and online resources attract a vibrant student body, including:

  • Students who want to pursue a strong college prep education.
  • Students who need classes and study times to accommodate travel, family work schedules, or other needs, including studying during evenings and weekends or at various locations.
  • Gifted students who want a more rigorous course load, including Honors and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Students who are actors or athletes who need extra time to pursue training and fit in performance schedules. For college-bound student athletes, many of our core high school courses are approved for NCAA eligibility.
  • Students whose families live overseas or travel frequently.
  • Students who want to pursue dual credit and dual diploma programs to get a head start on college requirements.
  • Homeschoolers who want exciting electives or challenging supplemental instruction.
  • Students who want to take an online course during the summer.