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Why Students Drop Out of High School

Why Students Drop Out of High School

Every year, thousands of teens drop out of high school without completing their high school diploma. Some never go back. This leaves them with limited job opportunities and more schooling needed to go to college. Unfortunately, this can lead to more problems and financial struggles later on.

There’s a push for adult students to return and earn their high school diploma. In many rural and inner city schools, it can be an uphill battle no matter the student’s age. The schools lack many basic resources, and teachers are in short supply. In any school, some students may drop out due to things like pregnancies or family struggles. Others might just be frustrated with their school and the lack of options to fit their needs.

Whatever the reason, dropping out of high school significantly lowers a person’s lifetime earning potential. This is why many students are starting to turn to online high schools. Going online offers more options and support. For students who struggle in a traditional school, it could be the perfect way to balance things out and get the right answers.

Benefits of Online High School

If a traditional school isn’t working for you, you don’t have to wait and come back to earn your diploma later on. Adult students who have been nervous about some aspect of high school can also explore different options online to find the right fit. How do online high schools change your experience?

  • Class Options: One of the most important things an online high school provides is more options. You can get more classes from different subjects and levels. Some students are ready to explore AP and other advanced options. Others need more basic courses to help them catch up in certain subjects. If you already know what you want to do, you can find high school classes to help you prepare.
  • Flexible Scheduling: When do you learn best? Do you have a full-time job or family and other obligations? Online classes allow you to learn at your convenience. You can set aside the time that works for you. To make sure you get things done and graduate on time, always set specific times aside for your school work. You have control over your schedule, which means you can take more time or graduate early. It all depends on you.
  • More Support from Teachers and Staff: One of the biggest problems for many of today’s high school students is a lack of proper support. They have overwhelmed teachers with many students to take care of. Online classes allow you to learn on your schedule. You can also email teachers and get the support you need. One of the biggest concerns of many students considering online high school is teacher availability. Some struggling students find they get more.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Young students can explore the options with their state to waive tuition. Depending on the state, some alternative high schools could be free. In all states and for adult students, an accredited high school online can be affordable for just about any student.
  • Career Training Options: While you’ll still have some work to do after high school, more people are using career training options. You can work within your local community if you’re interested in programs like cosmetology. Many online schools also offer curriculums designed to help students prepare for careers.

Plan for Success with Online High School Classes

One of the biggest problems for many students is an idea of hopelessness. They believe they can’t graduate high school. So they don’t graduate. Sometimes, they’re just a few classes short. Others might drop out or start looking for alternatives in their freshman or sophomore years. Whenever you decide to come to an online high school, we can help you make a plan for success.

We can help you map out the classes you’d need to take to graduate. If you know what you want to do, you can map out a curriculum with your online high school. If you’re not sure, teachers and others can help you get on the path to graduate and make adjustments as you go. With schools like American High School, the plan is to graduate ready for things like college, career schools, and new career options.

Whether you plan to graduate on time, early, or take a little longer, we can help you get more than just a high school diploma. We can help you meet your goals and find more answers. To get started and see how American High School can help with your high school classes, click here.